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VA VISN 10 to Deploy Avicenna's Medication Reconciliation Tool

Posted by Yehuda Bechar on Thu, Mar 17, 2016 @ 09:02 PM

Avicenna Medical Systems, a medical software developer, is pleased to announce that The Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans VISN 10, will be deploying  Avicenna’s medication reconciliation  solution,  MedRec, across 13  medical centers and 58 outpatient clinics.

The newest release of Avicenna’s MedRec Tool includes a Discharge Navigator and the ability to write notes to CPRS; the VA’s Computerized Patient Record System. Medication Reconciliation is a crucial step to avoid medical errors and optimize care.  For caregivers, the process of verifying a patient’s medication history can be cumbersome and time-consuming.   With Avicenna’s MedRec Tool, VA caregivers and clinical pharmacists have the patient’s complete medication history within easy reach.    MedRec’s unique design integrates with the Veteran Health Information Systems Technology and Architecture (VistA) and CPRS, combining VA pharmacy and VistA/CPRS data with a user-friendly interface that improves, not impedes, caregiver workflow.   MedRec’s versatility enables customization to meet the VA’s unique needs in both inpatient and ambulatory clinical settings across multiple healthcare locations.  MedRec also provides patients with an easy to understand after visit summary that not only includes changes to their medications but also last vital signs, next appointments, etc. 

Erdwing Coronado, CEO and founder of Avicenna Medical Systems, said: “We are extremely happy to partner with the VA VISN 10. We believe Veterans care should be more efficient. Our systems are designed to improve clinical management protocols by increasing efficiency and productivity, while reducing unnecessary costs and the potential for human error.”

About the VA VISN 10

Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 10 is the result of the integration of VISN 10 and VISN 11 as part of VA’s MyVA Transformation plan. The newly integrated VISN 10 is comprised of 10 medical centers, the independent Columbus, OH Ambulatory Care clinic and a network of 58 Community Based Outpatient Clinics.  VISN 10 provides personalized, proactive, patient-centered care to more than 500,000 Veterans throughout the lower peninsula of Michigan, Ohio/Northern Kentucky and Indiana. 

About Avicenna Medical Systems, Inc.

Avicenna Medical Systems, Inc. is a privately held company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan that provides software solutions to help clinicians take better care of patients by streamlining information flow and optimizing financial efficiency in Transitions of Care, Chronic Disease Management and Medical Procedures. Avicenna’s products are used by doctors and nurses in a wide range of medical settings.

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