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What Users Are Saying About Our Software…

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    “I personally reviewed at least twenty Care Transition apps before selecting AviTracks-TC. I believe AviTracks-TC  provides the best combination of product features, flexibility, and pricing for our industry.”

    - W. Diaz, CEO

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    "Before we used this application, follow-up on these patients consumed most of the nursing and staff support hours in an 8-hour shift. This program has saved me a significant amount of time in my daily workload, allowing more time to spend on patients that are at greater risk than with daily housekeeping tasks.”
    - L. Cummings LPN
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     "I highly recommend this product to anyone who is dedicated to providing quality care and saving valuable time for their staff.”
    - R. Pressil RN
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    “I am now beginning to use AviTracks to help follow other patients in my Primary Care Practice, including those with hyperlipidemia and hypothyroidism, which require regular lab monitoring.  I am also using the program to keep track of patients that require follow up imaging procedures.  I am excited to be using this program, as I believe it will make the task of overseeing these patients more manageable."
    - A. Kirsch M.D.
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    "I wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the software package you have developed. AviTracks will be a great tool to help us manage our liver patients."
    - M. Times M.D.

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