About AviTracks-DM for Rheumatology:

AviTracks-DM Rheumatology is pre-configured for tracking patients on immunosuppressants who require frequent labs and follow ups. This configuration provides all of the functionality you need to manage and follow your patients during immunosuppressant treatment.

AviTracks-DM Rheumatology Features and Benefits:

For Physicians:

  • Standardized treatment protocols (based on diagnosis and patient's risk). Create protocols based on best practices.
  • Automatic notifications improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary calls from staff.
  • Automated reporting based on pay-for-performance and quality benchmarks.
  • Enables remote access to patient information through a secure internet connection.
  • Generates flow sheet chart based on the specified medications and lab results you choose.

For Staff:

  • Standardizes treatment plans, simplifies management and reduces errors.
  • Automated communication tools generate all pre-set communications with patients and other caregivers.
  • Eliminates the need to look for paper charts.
  • Creates orders right from the patient chart.
For Administrators:
  • Increase staff productivity.
  • Automated reporting on productivity, quality and pay-for-performance metrics.
  • Generates billing codes and documentation automatically.
  • Documentation and treatment plans for every patient.
  • Electronic contact with your patients (through our partnership with SPINN), reduces the need for inbound faxes and calls to and from patients.
  • Automatically download labs from external laboratories.
  • You will be able to run a near paperless clinic.
Other Features:
  • Keep track of all patient medications and be aware of possible adverse interactions.
  • Record detailed documentation on dose changes as well as patient interaction.
  • Risk profiler - assign a risk level to each patient and adjust treatment automatically based on risk.
  • Flag patients under critical condition for easy identification and tracking.
  • Implement across multiple teams and units, letting each group concentrate on their own work and at the same time, share critical information.

Unlike other applications that focus on a single disease, AviTracks-DM is a flexible platform that can be configured for multiple diseases.

This makes it ideal for institutions where specialties co-exist.  You can share your patient information across specialties as well as primary care, giving every party involved in the patient’s care access to the most current information.

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