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About AviTracks-AWV

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The only Annual Wellness Visit solution that automates the health risk assessment and plan

AviTracks-AWV helps you automate the collection of patient-reported data for the HRA, build a preventative care plan and meet CMS compliance requirements for AWV services. Improve patient outcomes without significant investment in technology or additional staff.

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Benefits of AviTracks-AWV

AviTracks-AWV is a complete solution to help you automate patient HRAs and efficiently manage your patients through the AWV assessment and plan to improve patient outcomes.

AviTracks-AWV automates your annual wellness visit process – from patient enrollment through individual risk assessment, plan development, service completion and billing. With AviTracks-AWV you can customize Health Risk Assessments, create electronic care plans, enable team-based care and share data across multiple care teams. Our easy to use software automates and optimizes workflow, helping providers grow their AWV revenues and manage more patients without increasing staff levels.

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Features of AviTracks-AWV

AviTracks-AWV is cost-effective and highly configurable - you can create and automate health risk assessments and patient health maintenance plans in a matter of days.

With AviTracks-AWV you can create customized health risk assessments and securely send to patients for electronic completion prior to the AWV visit - streamlining the data collection, HRA review and plan development.  Our configurable software tracks patients that are due for AWV services, automatically schedules the AWV activity, and sends the HRA to patients to complete on their phone or computer.  Completed assessments are displayed in the care manager's work queue for review and planning prior to the patient visit.   Reports include productivity statistics as well as documentation for billing Medicare CPT Codes G0438 for initial visits and G0439 for subsequent visits.

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The AviTracks-AWV solution streamlines and automates the process for enrolling patients in AWV, completing the health risk assessment and plan and includes supporting documentation for Medicare CPT codes G0438 and G0439.  Our easy to use software helps providers capture new revenue and improve patient outcomes.

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