Specialty Disease Management Overview:

Nearly 50% of activities in a disease management practice are spent on follow-up care and documentation. Clinical decision support activities such as ensuring appointments are kept, tests are reviewed, treatments are adjusted, and treatment changes are relayed to patients and other specialists are normally assigned to key nursing and office staff. These responsibilities are labor intensive and subject to human error, impacting both clinic productivity and the quality of patient outcomes. These increasingly complicated and burdensome responsibilities are taxing an already overworked office staff and are critical to regulatory compliance and reimbursement rates.

AviTracks-DM employs a user-friendly interface to manage patients with similar diseases or medications, standardize treatment plans to reduce medical errors, and help physicians communicate and share information within their office or across different medical specialties.

AviTracks-DM Benefits:

For Physicians:

  • Establish standardized treatment protocols for chronic condition management.
  • Create risk profiles based on diagnosis, medications, and conditions.
  • Receive automatic notifications of new lab results and changes in critical values.
  • Improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary calls from staff.
  • Automated tracking and management of non-compliant patients – for missed appointments or blood draws.
  • Automated reporting based on pay-for-performance and quality benchmarks.
  • Remote access to all of your patient’s information through a secure Internet connection.

For Staff:

  • Standardized treatment plans simplify management and reduce errors.
  • Automated communication tools allow for consistent and clear communication with patients as well as other health care professionals.
  • Tracking non-compliant patients – eliminate the time spent checking and re-checking labs for non-compliant patients. AviTracks automatically keeps track of this population and applies pre-determined protocols to handle each patient. 

For Administrators:

  • Reduce costs and generate more revenue.
  • Automated reporting of productivity, quality and pay-for performance measures.
  • Documentation and treatment plans for every patient.
  • Fully customizable management and research reports.
  • Design your own QA reports and track your improvements over time.
  • HIPAA compliant and fully audited.

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