Sign Out Solution Overview:

Shift changes and patient handoffs often involve inefficient processes that take up valuable provider time and can be a source of preventable medical errors.  Handoffs are often not standardized processes, and may vary from facility to facility or even within facilities. The Sign Out Solution - available as a stand-alone product or as a part of the Inpatient Dashboard - helps providers to create a quality sign out and standardize the handoff process in the flow of daily work.

Features and Benefits:

Maximizes Efficiency

  • Quickly create a quality sign out
  • Sign out can be printed or viewed on screen
  • Displays interval events and active inpatient medications

Improves Collaboration and Care Coordination

  • Create to-do items that can be assigned to team members
  • Create sign off instructions and tasks

Improves Safety Measures and Patient Outcomes

  • Utilizes the IPASS format to help prevent communication failures that can cause medical errors and preventable adverse events 
  • Standardizes handoff communications

See for yourself how easy it is to implement the Sign Out Solution - request a demo today!

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