MedRec Inpatient Overview:

The MedRec Inpatient solution simplifies and improves medication reconciliation at admission and discharge, helping to minimize dangerous medication errors. The solution helps to drive better communication, safer care transitions, standardized documentation and improves provider satisfaction. 

Traditional CPRS is not well organized to perform medication reconciliation, requiring the provider to compare medications in multiple tabs or systems. The MedRec solution consolidates inpatient, outpatient, remote and non-VA medications into a single master list which is grouped alphabetically by indication. This enables practitioners to compare similar meds side by side, reducing the potential for error. 

The solution may be utilized by itself for medication reconciliation purposes, or combined with the Discharge Navigator, Dashboard and TurboNote solutions for further benefits.

Benefits and Features:

Team Based Approach

  • The tool facilitates a team based approach to performing medication reconciliation
  • Enables collaboration between the inpatient medicine team, inpatient pharmacists, care coordinator and local med rec expert

Easy to Use Interface

  • All medication information is displayed in one place, eliminating the need to navigate to different screens or systems and reducing the chance for errors
Single Master List
  • Inpatient, outpatient and non-VA medications are grouped alphabetically by indication and includes any VA source from around the country
  • Filtering options allow the user to hide or show different categories of medications such as discontinued medications, inpatient medications, or supplies
  • Shows the number of refills remaining and the date patient last filled the prescription, which helps to gauge compliance
  • Supplies are removed by default to keep the list from being cluttered, but can be viewed if needed

Double-Checking Feature

  • The double check feature automatically checks for any discrepancies, including dosing errors or missed medications and presents the information in a dashboard view
  • Discrepancies are highlighted in red and may be corrected from within the dashboard
  • Calculates a med rec score based on the double check
  • Finalized medication list can be copied / pasted into patient notes or discharge summary
  • Automatically generate emails to remote facilities to discontinue specific medication(s)

Better Patient Handouts

  • Patient-friendly medication list clearly indicates new, changed, continued and discontinued medications

Improved Quality and Patient Safety

  • Reduced overall error rate for med rec at admission and discharge
  • Increased medication reconciliation completion rates at admission
  • Greater percentage of patients provided with reconciled med list upon discharge


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