Inpatient Dashboard Overview:

The dashboard integrates admission and hospitalization information into a single source. This solution helps to minimize the time physicians spend on the computer and maximize time spent with their patients. The Dashboard automatically groups and displays patient information in a single view, based on patient group (Team, Ward or Specialty). 

Patient information is monitored continuously and automatically updated in the dashboard view, bringing in the most current patient data. This single source view reduces the time spent looking for patient data in various areas of CPRS and facilitates care coordination within the inpatient team. 

The dashboard creates a rounding list, automates the creation of progress notes, enables nurses to quickly add vitals, inputs and outputs, and provides a sign out feature to facilitate hand-offs between shift changes.

Benefits and Features:

Improves Safety Measures

  • The dashboard shows critical information for all patients under a provider's care in a single screen, including code status, telemetry usage, foley usage, vital signs, DVT Prophylaxis, inputs and outputs.
  • Automatically prioritizes patients with critical events (vital signs out of the normal range or with abnormal micro pathology results)
  • Patients are organized alphabetically or by location and flagged red or green based on acuity
  • Abnormal results are highlighted in red
  • Includes a section for PRN medications
  • Special section for antimicrobial medications history
  • Categorizes the labs in panels:
    • COMP, CBC, Coag, Diabetes, Cardiology, Endocrine, Anemia, ABG, Oncology, Rheum, ID, STD, Urine, Urine Tox

Maximizes Efficiency and Time Spent with Patients

  • Allows for less time spent on the computer and more face-to-face time with patients
  • Streamlines the creation of patient notes (H&P and progress notes)
  • Monitors for and presents up to date patient information in a convenient dashboard view including code status information, telemetry usage, foley usage, vital signs, DVT Prophylaxis, inputs and outputs
  • Aggregates and presents all the information needed to prepare for rounds

Improve Collaboration and Coordination

  • Provides for a single source of information shared by the patient care team
  • Enables users to create to-do items that can be assigned to team members
  • Automates the creation of sign off instructions and tasks

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