Inpatient TurboNote Solution Overview:

The Inpatient TurboNote is a collaborative tool to create H&P and daily progress notes quickly and efficiently - reducing the amount of time it takes to create a quality note. The solution significantly reduces the time spent searching for information in CPRS and JVL and helps to reduce provider stress and burnout. The inpatient TurboNote links with the Inpatient Dashboard and offers MedRec integration. 

Benefits and Features:

Team Based Approach

  • Facilitates a team based approach to creating patient notes and performing medication reconciliation
  • Teams are able to collaboratively create the Admission note and information that is entered will also help populate sections of the discharge note - saving time at discharge
  • Completed notes can be sent automatically or pasted into CPRS

Integrated Med Rec

  • Guides users through a 'Gold standard' med rec process resulting in fewer medication errors
  • To perform Med Rec at admission, providers follow three simple steps:
    • Step 1: Create the Pre-Admission Medication List
    • Step 2: Create the Admission Medication List
    • Step 3: Review consolidated medication list for accuracy using a double check feature

Improved efficiency and provider satisfaction

  • Dramatically reduces the time required to create a quality note
  • Brings the most relevant patient information into the note automatically - including:
    • Allergies
    • Medications
    • Vital Signs
    • Labs
    • Procedures and Studies
  • Eliminates the need to search through multiple tabs in CPRS
  • Includes sections for chief complaint, history of present illness, review of symptoms,  family and social history, assessment and plan
  • Evidence-based - guides users through important decisions such as DVT prophylaxis
  • Includes high priority diagnosis

Improved Documentation

  • Documentation will be more timely, complete, accurate and standardized

  • Can be customized to focus on site-specific quality measures that need improvement


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