MedRec PreOp Overview:

The MedRec PreOp solution improves and simplifies medication reconciliation prior to scheduled surgeries by consolidating all of the patient’s current medications into a single easy to read master list.

This master list includes outpatient, inpatient, remote and non-VA medications within a single view.

Medication reconciliation can then be performed to determine what changes should be made pre-surgery as well as adding new medications that will begin upon admission. 

Benefits and Features:

  • Helps to automate decisions with pre-populated actions for each medication (New, Continue, Hold or No Change)
  • Double check feature - automatically checks for any discrepancies and presents the updated information in a table view, with medications organized in columns by status (New, Continue, Change, Hold or No Change) upon admission
  • Provides the template for creating the H&P notes prior to admission, including history of present illness, past medical history, review of systems and family history
  • Helps the surgeon with creating notes specific to the planned surgery including:
    • surgery date and details, anesthesia history, risk assessment, DVT Prophylaxis, Caprini Score, Cardiac Clearance, and Mallampati Class selection for intubation
  • Prints patient-friendly pre-surgical instructions

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