Version 4.5.0

In Production: 2/1/2016


  • If patient was discharged to CLC within 48hrs the system will show previous hospital discharge information.
  • Now the options on diet restrictions (salt, fluid, and consistency) show up after the information has been entered the first time.


  • New users can use the D/C Navigator without having to use the MedRec tool.
  • Fix ‘No Restrictions’ unchecked when completing instructions section


Version 4.4.1

In Production: 1/28/2016


  • Change the way “Consistency” (in diet restrictions) is selected.
  • Add loader to the “Copy to Clipboard buttons”.
  • Update message on “Copy Both to Clipboard” warning.


Version 4.4.0

In Production: 1/12/2016


  • New buttons section on the D/C Navigator (Pilot)
  • Add new warning message on all screen of D/C Navigator (Pilot)
  • Change on D/C reports labs section to separate CBC, Liver, A1C into different sections
  • Ability to print reports (pending)


Version 4.3.0

In Production:  1/8/2016


  • Add reporting capabilities to Admin users.


Version 4.2.0

In Production:  Limited release 12/4/2015


  • Add Clinical Reminders section to D/C Navigator


Version 4.1.0

In Production: 11/20/2015


  • Copy D/C Navigator notes directly to CPRS.



Version 4.0.0

In Production: 11/10/2015


  • Copy MedRec notes directly to CPRS.


Version 3.4.0

In Production: 11/4/2015


  • Improvements to D/C Navigator reports
  • Fixed issue with “Supply” medications showing up.
  • Fixed issue with duplicated non-va meds on the D/C Navigator.
  • Improved speed on “Procedure” tab D/C Navigator
  • Limit the search for appointments to local site (until VIA releases the fix).


Version 3.3.0

In Production: 09/20/2015


  • Include patient’s vital in Post-Appointment list
  • Add Button to clear discharge history on the D/C Navigator
  • Create Single Table with Lab Results on D/C Navigator reports


Version 3.2.2

In Production: 09/20/2015


  • Change to Post Appointment list. The list now separated between future scheduled appointments and appointments ordered at “today’s” visit.


Version 3.2.1

In Production: 07/23/2015


  • Miscellaneous improvements to the D/C Navigator


Version 3.2.0

In Production: 06/15/2015


  • Change to D/C Navigator. Change to the way procedures are presented to the users.


Version 3.1.4

In Production: 05/07/2015


  • Miscellaneous improvements to the D/C Navigator.



Version 3.1.3

In Production: 04/28/2015


  • Load most information for the Discharge navigator in the first screen.

  • Remove Nursing instructions.

  • Remove Physician Follow-up.



Version 3.1.2

In Production: 03/26/2015


  • Add more flexibility to choose which interface to use on page.

  • Add code to identify errors on the clipboard.

  • Fix bug where duplicates were created on the MedRec list for Non-VA medications. The problem manifested when users would select and action for the Non-VA medications and then refreshed the tool.

  • Remove patient’s name from page. 

  • Miscellaneous changes to Discharge Navigator clipboard and reports.

  • Remove line to clear clipboard every time a new page loads.


Version 3.1.1

In Production: 03/25/2015


  • On the summary tab the physician instructions will only bring the title from the patient’s section.

  • Include both sections on the Physician as well as Patient sections of the clipboard.

  • Review appointment information and display “No Appointments” when required.

  • Remove time stamp from measures.

  • Make physical exam text mandatory.

  • Miscellaneous improvements to the clipboard.

  • Take site 200 off the list of possible sites to look on Multiple site. VIA is not supporting that site.

  • Make interface choice by page: MedRec, Rapid Pre-Appointment, Rapid Post-Appointment.



Version 3.1.0

In Production: 03/13/2015


  • Added Nurses instructions to the Discharge Navigator.

  • Improve VIA access (if users don’t have the required option VIAB) the system will re-direct them to MDWS automatically.



Version 3.0.0

In Production: 03/09/2015


  • Implementation of VIA as the main interface engine.
  • Implementation of Discharge Navigator.



In Production 12/25/2014


  • New Prescription pad. Now if HCTZ/Lisinopril (non-VA) is selected a dropdown with dosage information is display for the user to choose from.


Version 2.0.3

In Production: 12/1/2014


  • Change CCOW is down message. From Pop-up screen to a less intrusive message in the page that is displayed constantly while CCOW is down.

  • Removed message about “labs not found”. Now if the labs are not there it is just left blank.

  • Added Provider to Provider note to the clipboard.

Bugs Crashed:

  • Fixed issue that prevented some medication from showing up. This was affecting mostly remote medication.
  • The pharmacy worksheet will no longer reset to the top of the page when an action is taken.


Version 2.0.2

In Production: 11/11/2014

Changes (new features):

  • Added ability to create an inpatient list from the “copy to clipboard” option.

  • Changed accepted allergies types to include “OTHER” (as well as DRUG).


Version 2.0.1

In Production: 11/8/2014

Changes (new features):

  • Added “11” as an option for prescription.

  • The tool will display a warning message if the user chooses to print the Pill Box Planner without doing any customization. In this case the Pill Box Planner will use all active medications.

  • Copy to Clipboard medication include expired medication at the end. Only local Expired meds (not included on the active list).

  • Clipboard buttons changed to add extra information on the two types of clipboard available:

  • Long List: for d/c summary and patient documents.

  • Abbreviated list: progress notes/admit notes.


Version 2.0.0

In Production: 10/20/2014

Changes (new features):

  • CCOW integration.

  • Eliminate warnings for Nurses.

  • Hide Vaccines from the list.

  • Added short  version of the information copied to the clipboard.


Version 1.6

In Production: 9/25/2014

Changes (new features):

  • Streamline the number of printing options to improve usability.

  • Add the ability to include (if desire) Labs and Future appointments to the Post Appointment printing list.

  • Copy to clipboard is done simultaneously on printing (single-click).

  • Ask users for their position.

  • Add Provider-2-Provider communication option.

  • User will be able to reorder reports based on medication name or indication.

  • Add soft-locking mechanism, that will inform user if a different provider is working on the same patient simultaneously.

  • Improve medication updates on the tool, making sure the latest and greatest information gets loaded correctly on the tool. This is important given that now different providers will be using the tool to make updates and communicate.

  • Add ability to copy to clipboard the non-customize list. This will happen if the user has not done any changes to the list.

  • Create new post-appointment direct page to place on the tools menu. Post-Appointment Rapid Print

  • Add warning if the prescription pad button is pressed without selecting any checkbox first.


Version 1.5.2

In Production: 8/14/2014

Changes (new features):

  • Add Progress bar.

  • Eliminate Refill Columns from Post-Report ( - In PRD: 9/1/2014

Bugs Crashed:

  • Fixed disappearing patient name from page tittle ( - In PRD: 9/1/2014

  • On the In vs. Out Patient report Non-VA medication were not being considered as outpatient medication when comparing to Inpatient meds. - In PRD: 9/2/2014


Version 1.5.1

In Production: 8/13/2014

Changes (new features):

  • None

Bugs Crashed:

  • Notes were lost every time the MedRec tool reloaded.

  • Fix issue on patients with the same local IDs.


Version 1.5

Production: 8/1/2014


  • Added Facility ID as key to every patient related table.


Version 1.4

In Production: 7/22/2014


  • Corrected Subscription pad to include phone and address.

Version 1.3

In Production: 7/7/2014


  • New Table dedicated to patient information.

  • Add functionality to print patient letters even when the patient has no medications in records in the VA.

Version 1.2

In Production: 6/24/2014

Version 1.2.1: 6/25/2014

Version 1.2.2: 6/27/2014


  • Change color of missing reconciliation warning (before print Final List) to red.

  • Add dosage information on 3rd column of Inpatient vs. Outpatient report

  • Add note to Inpatient vs. Outpatient screen:

    • Note: This screen will not identify discrepancies in dosing

  • Add double check on stop medications. Making sure the user made the change on CPRS before proceeding in the tool.

  • Made provider’s name on Prescription Pad editable (V1.2.1).

  • Initial Batch Printing prototype.

  • Add Phone & Address for each facility to the Prescription Pad (V1.2.2).

Bugs Fixed:

  • Corrected bug on Prescription Pad that showed wrong provider/patient on the report