MedRec Tool Ambulatory Care


The MedRec tool improves medication reconciliation by bringing all of the patients' medications into a single easy to read master list.  This includes outpatient, inpatient, remote and non-VA medications.  The tool can be used in the outpatient setting to print a patient-friendly pre-appointment medication list, create customized medication lists for patients, provide patients with non-VA prescriptions, and to organize and print medications in a pillbox planner view.

 Benefits and Features:

Single Master List

  • Medications are ordered by indication, which allows for comparison of similar meds side by side
  • Additional sorting of medications can be performed to order alphabetically, by status or by source, including any VA throughout the country
  • Removes supplies from the list by default, but they can be easily included if desired

 Medication Adherence

  • Users can easily see the number of refills remaining and the date the patient last filled the medication(s) to gauge compliance
  • Includes details on the number of refills, days supply, expiration date, last fill date and Rx number

 Medication Reconciliation

  • Allows for the creation of customized lists (new, continue, change, hold, discontinue, etc)
  • Additional notes can be entered regarding each medication, which is saved in the system and also printed on the list given to the patient
  • Send email to remote facilities to discontinue remote medications

Prescription Pad

  • Create and print prescription pads for non-VA pharmacies

After visit summary

  • Prints a patient-friendly list that emphasizes new, changed and discontinued medications
  • Generates multiple print formats that can be given to the patient (i.e. wallet size, pillbox planner)
  • Creates a customized list that highlights the medication changes made during the patient appointment including sections for changed, continue, hold and stop which are organized by indication with notes included
  • After visit summary can include not only updated post-appointment medication list, but also future scheduled appointments, vital signs and vaccine information
  • Generates a note on the clipboard which can easily be pasted into a note in CPRS

Focused on team-based approach

  • Enables sharing across all hospital settings and is used in ambulatory care, ER, admission/discharge and CLC
  • Tracks all changes including who last reviewed the medication(s)
  • Includes a section for provider to provider communication

MedRec Tool Inpatient


The MedRec Inpatient tool performs medication reconciliation at admission and discharge, aiming to minimize dangerous medication errors. The tool consolidates inpatient, outpatient, and non-VA medications into a single master list that groups them alphabetically by indication. Ultimately, the goal is to simplify the medication reconciliation process during admission and discharge.

Benefits and Features:

3 Easy Steps for Admission

  • Determine the source of information for each medication
  • Decide whether the patient is still taking the medication
  • Determine whether the medication will be changed, stopped or held

3 Easy Steps for Discharge

  • Create the patient medication discharge list
  • Double check whether any errors have occurred
  • Print a user friendly version for the discharged patient

Team Based Approach

  • The tool facilitates performing medication reconciliation as a team
  • The inpatient MedRec team consists of the inpatient medicine team, inpatient pharmacists, care coordinator and local med rec expert

Single Master List

  •  Inpatient, outpatient and non-VA medications are grouped alphabetically by status or source - this includes any VA source from around the country

Double-Checking Feature

  • The double check screen automatically indicates any discrepancies found including dosing errors or missed medications

Easy to Use Interface

  • The easy to use interface provides an excellent learning opportunity for students who may perform steps one, two, and even three in the admission process

MedRec Tool Inpatient + Navigator


The MedRec Inpatient and Navigator tool provides a more comprehensive solution that embeds the medication reconciliation tool into the admission and discharge notes. The Navigator takes a team-based approach to building the discharge notes (summary and patient discharge notes). At admission, the system provides the template for the H&P note and integrates the medication reconciliation at that point. At discharge the tool drives the inpatient team through the discharge process and builds the summary and patient discharge notes. This process can be started at any point during the admission, making it easy for the inpatient team to have the notes ready as soon as the patient is ready to be discharged.

Benefits and Features:

 Past History

  • Stores past relevant information and brings the information automatically to your note (social history, family history, past medical history)
  • Users can continue adding to or modifying these notes sections accordingly

Vitals, Labs, and Studies Information

  • Information from vitals, labs and studies will be automatically brought in

 Team Based Approach

  • The tool will allow the med rec team (inpatient pharmacist, ER pharmacist, med rec expert and med rec coordinator) to work together and make medication reconciliation as safe as possible

MedRec Tool Inpatient + Dash Board + Turbo Note


The MedRec Tool Inpatient and Dash Board integrates admission, hospitalization, and discharge information. It allows physicians to minimize the time they spend on the computer by better organizing patient information. This tool aims to save physicians time previously wasted looking for patient data by presenting the most up to date information automatically in a single view.  The turbo note enables providers to have up to date information constantly available and ready to create their notes. This tool also includes the hand off information that enables providers to communicate between shifts.

Benefits and Features:

Improves Safety Measures

  • The dashboard will show critical information for all patients under a provider’s care in a single screen including:
    • Code status
    • DVT prophylaxis
    • Foley status
    • Telemetry
  • Automatically prioritizes patients with critical events (vital signs out of the normal range or with abnormal micro pathology results)
  • The turbo notes bring automatically the medication schedule showing what has been administered as well as what is pending (by shift)
  • Includes a section for PRN medications
  • Special section for antimicrobial medications history 
  • Categorizes the labs in panels: COMP, CBC, Coag, Diabetes, Cardiology, Endocrine, Anemia, ABG, Oncology, Rheum, ID, STD, Urine, Urine Tox

Maximizes Time Spent With Patients

  • Allows for less time spent on the computer and more face-to-face time with patients
  • Rounding list information always available on screen or printed

Collaboration and Coordination

  • The dashboard is organized by team (ward or specialty)
  • Automatically gathers all the patients within a group and displays the information without any user interaction
  • Each user can select which patients they want to see and work with
  • Improves collaboration and coordination among the team by:
    • Providing a single source of information
    • Creating to-do items that can be assigned to team members
    • Creating sign off instructions and tasks