Outpatient TurboNote Solution Overview:

The Outpatient TurboNote is a collaborative tool to perform chart review and create visit notes quickly and efficiently - reducing the amount of time it takes to create a quality note. The solution significantly reduces the time spent searching for information in CPRS and helps to reduce provider stress and burnout. The Outpatient TurboNote integrates MedRec into the outpatient visit workflow. 

Benefits and Features:

Integrated Med Rec

  • Prints a patient-friendly pre-appointment medication list
  • Guides users through the med rec process, resulting in fewer medication errors
  • Enables the creation of customized lists for patients (new, continue, change, hold, discontinue, etc)
  • Users can easily see the number of refills remaining and the date the patient last filled the medication(s) to gauge compliance
  • Creates emails to remote facilities to discontinue remote medications
  • Create and prints non-VA prescriptions as well as orders for services to be performed outside the VA (x-rays, CT scans, etc.)

Improved efficiency and provider satisfaction

  • Reduces the time required for chart review and completion of visit notes 
  • Brings the most relevant patient information in automatically - including: 
    • Allergies
    • Medications
    • Vital Signs
    • Labs
    • Procedures and Studies
  • Includes sections for history of present illness, review of symptoms,  family and social history, assessment and plan
  • Health maintenance section enables quick review and scheduling of preventive screenings
  • Smart note panels organize and group patient data, medications and notes by diagnosis, enabling providers to focus on individual conditions 

Improved documentation

  • Prints a patient-friendly medication list that emphasizes new, changed and discontinued medications

  • The after visit summary can be customized by facility or by individual patient to include not only the updated post-appointment medication list, but also vital signs, labs, immunization information,  future scheduled appointments and recommended screenings

  • Generates an after visit summary note which can easily be copied and pasted or sent electronically to a specific note a CPRS

See for yourself how easy it is to implement the Outpatient TurboNote software - request a demo today!

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