MedRec Ambulatory Overview:

The MedRec Ambulatory solution improves and simplifies medication reconciliation by consolidating all patient medications into a single easy to read master list. This includes outpatient, inpatient, remote and non-VA medications. The list is grouped alphabetically by indication, making it easy for practitioners to compare similar meds side by side, reducing the potential for error.

The solution can be used in the outpatient setting to print a patient-friendly pre-appointment medication list, create customized medication lists for patients, provide patients with non-VA prescriptions, and organize and print medications in a pillbox planner view.

The solution may be utilized by itself for medication reconciliation purposes, or combined with the Outpatient TurboNote solution for further benefits.

Benefits and Features:

Team Based Approach

  • Enables sharing across all hospital settings including ambulatory care, ER, admission/discharge and CLC
  • Tracks all changes including who last reviewed the medication(s)
  • Includes an area for provider-to-provider communication

Single Master List

  • Displays inpatient, outpatient and non-VA medications from any VA source throughout the country
  • Medications are grouped alphabetically by indication, which allows for comparison of similar medications side by side
  • Additional sorting of medications can be performed to order alphabetically, by status or by source

 Medication Adherence

  • Users can easily see the number of refills remaining and the date the patient last filled the medication(s) to gauge compliance

 Medication Reconciliation

  • Enables the creation of customized lists for patients (new, continue, change, hold, discontinue, etc)
  • Additional notes can be entered regarding each medication, which is saved in the system and also printed on the list given to the patient
  • Indications can be customized by patient and saved within the system
  • Creates emails to remote facilities to discontinue remote medications

Prescription Pad

  • Create and prints non-VA prescriptions as well as orders for services to be performed outside the VA (x-rays, CT scans, etc.)

After Visit Summary

  • Prints a patient-friendly list that emphasizes new, changed and discontinued medications, which are organized by indication with notes included
  • Generates multiple print formats that can be given to the patient (i.e. wallet size, pillbox planner)
  • The after visit summary can be customized by facility or by individual patient to include not only the updated post-appointment medication list, but also future scheduled appointments, vital signs, labs and immunization information 
  • Generates a note which can easily be copied and pasted into CPRS, or sent electronically to a specific note a CPRS

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