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Care Management Weekly News Update -12/6/17

Posted by DeAnn Dennis on Wed, Dec 06, 2017 @ 10:10 AM

How Public Health Agencies Can Navigate HIPAA to Integrate Data-Driven Chronic Disease Interventions

Utilizing data housed in EHR systems has become a critical function for public health agencies looking to make an impact on pockets of chronic disease within a community or state. As those agencies explore opportunities to integrate high-quality patient data into outreach efforts, they also have to navigate longstanding privacy requirements outlined under HIPAA.

One-Third of Practices Didn't Report Performance Data in Value-Based Program

The study of CMS’ largest ambulatory care pay-for-performance program found that of the more than 600 practices that reported performance data, the practices that choose quality tiering and those with high EHR usage saw better performance on quality and costs compared to other practices. The researchers also found that nearly one-third of the 1,010 practices in the first year failed to report performance data and received a 1% reporting-based penalty.

Rural Hospitals are Facing Down Connectivity Obstacles as They Deploy Telemedicine

Network reliability and availability of fiber-based services are key contributors to success at rural healthcare provider organizations adopting new care delivery models. And telemedicine is a driving force behind rural healthcare organizations getting better connected, according to new research from HIMSS Analytics.

Digital Care Coordination: It’s Time to be Better Than our Worst Practice Outcome

Can something as seamless as patient reminders via text or IVR effectively reduce patient no-shows? Improve the quality of care? And lower healthcare spending? The answer is Yes—it’s possible with digital care coordination tools.

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