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Care Management Weekly News Update - 04/01/21

Posted by DeAnn Dennis on Thu, Apr 01, 2021 @ 10:41 AM

McDonough Acknowledges Productivity Concerns With VA's New EHR

Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough told Congress he still believed the department could meet its initial $16 billion, 10-year budget and timeline for implementing Cerner’s Millennium electronic health record suite, despite multiple delays and problems with the modernization effort at its first go-live site.

Cigna Report: 2/3 of Behavioral Health Visits Still Being Done Virtually

A new report from Cigna analyzing the one-year impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed an array of findings related to virtual care delivery, including that 60 percent of behavioral health patients are still using virtual services. Prior to the pandemic, 97 percent of these individuals had never had a single virtual consultation.

AI Can Use Wireless Signals to Reduce Errors in Self-Administered Medication

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge developed a contactless and unobtrusive AI tool that can automatically detect medication self-administration errors.

National Governors Association Report Highlights Interoperability Policy Levers

By aligning state program requirements with federal standards, states can facilitate improved compliance and usability through APIs and timely data sharing. 


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