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Care Management Weekly News Update 1/9/24

Posted by DeAnn Dennis on Wed, Jan 10, 2024 @ 11:45 AM

Stephen Dorner, MD, chief clinical and innovation officer of Mass General Brigham Healthcare at Home, told Becker's that the more home-based care models are scaled, the more opportunity there is to move the needle and flatten the curve of healthcare costs in the U.S.  Boston-based Mass General Brigham, which runs one of the largest home hospital programs in the country, has had more than 2,500 home hospital admissions since January 2022, saving 13,300 acute care facility-based bed days. 

Medicare Advantage: the Debate Rolls Forward 

In a healthcare policy landscape in which virtually every policy position has advocates and detractors, it’s easy to get lost in all the claims and counterclaims. And nowhere is the swirl of pro and con opinions more complex than in the discussion around Medicare Advantage, the capitated-payment program under Part C of the Medicare program, which pays private health plans to provide population health management, care management, and wellness services to Medicare beneficiaries.

Healthcare information technology (HCIT) sits at the intersection between the steady resilience of the healthcare sector to recession and the high returns of the software and broader IT sector. The result: an attractive upside potential with lower downside risk.

The American Hospital Association requested a Texas federal judge issue an expedited judgment in support of their legal opposition to a rule by the HHS that limits the utilization of third-party web technologies on sections of hospitals' webpages. On Jan. 5, the AHA submitted its initial argument in a legal case contesting a December 2022 regulation from HHS' Office for Civil Rights. This rule imposes limitations on the application of common third-party web technologies responsible for capturing IP addresses on sections of publicly accessible web pages for hospitals. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced new funding for research into the potential use of psychedelic substances to treat post-traumatic stress disorder and depression in former military personnel. The VA on Friday issued a request for applications from researchers and academic institutions on potential research into the safety and efficacy of psychedelic drugs such as MDMA, psilocybin -- the active ingredient in "magic mushrooms" -- and other compounds to address mental health conditions.


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