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Avicenna Medical partners with GAP Healthcare to deliver care management to COVID-19 patients at home

Posted by DeAnn Dennis on Thu, Apr 09, 2020 @ 09:37 AM

The initial program rollout at McLaren Macomb hospital provides care management services to patients who have visited the emergency room and are COVID-19 positive or presumed positive but are not currently critical enough for hospital admission.  Under the program, nurses at GAP reach out to patients within 12 hours of discharge to determine their current stability, and provide a time frame in which a local ambulance company will visit the patient’s home to complete a baseline assessment and deliver supplies and equipment used to manage and monitor the patient’s condition at home.

GAP nurses and care managers use Avicenna Medical’s care management platform to schedule, track and manage outreach to these patients multiple times per day to effectively monitor patient condition and blood oxygen level while keeping patients safely at home.  Avicenna Medical’s risk assessment tools help GAP care managers to determine patient acuity trends.

If the patient’s condition is declining, the ambulance company is immediately sent to the patient’s home for assessment utilizing protocols to determine the next course of action (if the patient can continue to be managed at home or needs to be transported to the hospital for admission).

While the program is very new, we are seeing positive results; of the patients that have been referred, over two-thirds have been able to avoid hospitalization and recover safely at home.

Dr. James M. Larkin, Chief of Emergency at McLaren Macomb, said, “This partnership between our emergency department, GAP Healthcare Solutions and Medstar Ambulance allows patients with COVID suspected or confirmed illness to remain home and be safely monitored and treated, including oxygen therapy. This decompresses the emergency department and hospital to allow us to provide care for those more critical patients. The service has been well received by my emergency medicine colleagues.”

Andrea Phillips, President of GAP Healthcare Solutions said, “we are thankful our services can be used to assist the hospital with resources and for the opportunity to support these patients at home during a very uncertain time.”

Erdwing Coronado, CEO of Avicenna Medical Systems said, “We are extremely happy to partner with GAP Healthcare Solutions to deliver timely solutions that aid in providing patient care during the COVID-19 crisis.”

This program can be operationalized quickly if other Southeast Michigan hospitals are interested.

To learn more, contact Avicenna Medical or GAP Healthcare Solutions:

Avicenna Medical Systems | Phone: 888-284-4080 x 715 |Email: info@avicenna-medical.com

GAP Healthcare Solutions |Phone: (586) 221-1485 | Email: contact@gaphealthcaresolution.com

About Avicenna Medical Systems, Inc.:

Avicenna Medical Systems, Inc. is a privately held company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan that provides clinical workflow and care management software solutions to help clinicians take better care of patients, improve outcomes and quality of care in both inpatient and ambulatory settings.

About GAP Healthcare Solutions:

GAP Healthcare Solutions helps providers improve quality of care and patient outcomes, while increasing financial results.  We offer outsourced care management and program development services to physician groups, healthcare organizations and ACOs seeking to improve patient outcomes and comply with pay-for-performance and value-based incentives.

About McLaren Macomb Hospital:

McLaren Macomb is a 288-bed tertiary teaching hospital located in Mount Clemens, Michigan. McLaren Macomb provides a full range of services, including cardiovascular care at the Mat Gaberty Heart Center, award winning cancer services at the Ted B. Wahby Cancer Center, comprehensive orthopedic services and a state-of-the-art elective Surgery Center. The hospital is verified as a Level II Trauma Center and operates one of the busiest Emergency Centers in the area.

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